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Mathematical Study Skills

Site Map

The map on the home page (and the links above) show how the site is structured. Each section contains some advice on the topic with some activities and examples for you to try. Do try these activities - just reading about studying is not enough, you need to try things out and experiment to find ways that are effective for you!

So you will need a pen, paper and your calculator to hand……

If you prefer, you can download each topic as a pdf file, print it out and work offline. You may find it helpful to write your own notes on the documents and to keep these for reference during your course.

To read the pdf files, you will need a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can get from here.

If you wish to look at ALL the topics, we suggest you start with Reading, then Writing, Solving Problems and finally the Mathematical Modelling.

As you work through these problems, you may find that some of your mathematical skills are a little rusty, particularly if you haven’t studied for some time. All the Level 2 and 3 courses assume that you already have certain mathematical skills, for example in algebra, calculus and trigonometry (the details are listed in the course descriptions). To help you refresh these skills before your course starts, the Resources section provides links to other mathematical sites which you might find helpful.

The pages include icons which you can click on for further comments on the text. These give examples of how you can study actively by asking yourself questions and making short comments as you read.

A question that has occurred to you, a link with other maths,
or another way of looking at the problem.
A diagram or comment that you write on the text to clarify the meaning, such as an extra step in the solution. Or a note to ask your tutor for help!
These remind you of important results or point out key parts of the text.