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First Activity

First download and read the following extract. You can print it to read (and scribble comments on) if you wish - it is just one page long. Once you have done this return to this page to download our annotated version.
Downloading materialClick here to download the extract

Now look at our annotated version. The comments are more precise than I would write or think in actual fact. The extra detail is to make them clearer for another reader. Highlighting can also be useful, provided it is not over done, so I've indicated the main points I might emphasise in this way. These are the conditions that have been used to find the quadratic Taylor polynomial and that this extract considers approximations about zero only. This should help to remind me of the main points if I need to skim back over this section later.

Downloading materialClick here to download comments

The annotations are just to give you an idea of what you might be thinking or scribbling as you read. Don't worry if your thoughts were different. Some people use pictures more than others, for example.

On the next page we have another short extract so that you can have a go at annotating.